Luminette Cleaning

Before cleaning a Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers there are two things you should know. 

1) When properly maintained by regular cleaning ( using either the ultrasonic or injection/extraction methods) Luminettes will provide many years of beautiful service.  Neglect their care and you'll pay far more prematurely replacing them!

2) Unfortunately, not every "blind cleaner" that claims to clean Luminettes knows what they are doing.  Do you know enough to avoid and inexperienced or unethical cleaner?  (Some of the best cleaners do not even have a website while others that are terrible spend big bucks on internet  advertising to generate traffic - as referrals from satisfied customers won't build their business!)

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WARNING: Don't just call someone blindly (pardon the pun)

before requesting our report - it could be an EXPENSIVE mistake!

Don't know whom to trust cleaning your Luminette?  This brief report teaches you tips from professional blind cleaners familiar with how Hunter Douglas recommends these elegant treatments may be cleaned safely.  A savvy consumer may avoid the incompetent or inexperienced cleaners.  Unfortunately, not all "professional" or "certified" blind cleaners provide quality service.

Consumer's Guide to Luminette Privacy Sheers Cleaning & Care.

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Learn about the 2 Best Methods for Deep Cleaning a Luminette

  Learn 4 Questions to ask BEFORE anyone takes down your Luminette

  How to know if you are dealing with a professional Luminette cleaner.

  Read this short report (only 6 pages including illustrations) packed with product information most consumers don't know about this special window treatment.  Then request a no obligation quote from someone in our national network of professional blind cleaners.  Take the first step today toward preserving and renewing the beauty of your Luminettes or other fine window treatments. 

The fabric of even a "clean" looking Luminetteholds an amazing amount of airborne grime, allergens and other pollutants.  As Luminettes currently retail for over $41.50 per square foot, its just makes good sense financially to spend a fraction of this amount to enjoy them clean and fresh again, while at the same time extending their functional life with a thorough cleaning.

For answers regarding the cleaning of a Luminette or any other custom window treatments please feel free to contact us.  This site is sponsored by a network of professional blind and drapery cleaners who realize that a number of blind cleaners either do not clean Luminettes or may not know how to do it properly.  The Consumer Guide will enable you to find an experienced cleaner to service these elegant window treatments.  Don't be afraid to ask a few questions of any prospective cleaner.  Beware of "to good to be true" cleaning prices ($40 per panel etc.)!  These treatments were not cheap!  Don't entrust their care to someone who lacks the professional knowledge or equipment to properly clean them.

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