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Luminettes Cleaning and Care Recommendations from Professional Blind Cleaners

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Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers© when properly maintained will provide many years of beautiful service.  It is important that Luminettes be properly handled and professionally cleaned on a regular basis if you wish to receive the maximum value for your investment.  Hunter Douglas recommends cleaning them using either of two methods which are briefly described below.  After learning more about the care of this fine product, you can request a free quote from a professional blind cleaner that services your area.  They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you preserve and renew the beauty of this fine window treatment.  People are often amazed at the amount of airborne grime which is removed from even a "clean" looking Luminette.  Replacing a Luminette prematurely through lack of care is far more expensive than investing in proper maintenance cleaning (at least every few years).  One may actually save money in the long term, while enjoying a clean healthy window treatment.  As Luminettes retail for well over $41.50 per square foot, it pays to take care of this fine window treatment correctly!

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How are Luminettes cleaned?

On-Site Method

An On-Site Certified Technician is someone who has made a significant investment in both the specialized training and equipment necessary to properly clean a Luminette on location. 

Hunter Douglas specifically mentions On-Site technicians in their materials in reference to cleaning of their products with good reason.  They know that a Certified On-Site Technician has been instructed in the proper* techniques for cleaning of a Luminette using an injection/extraction cleaning method. 

Hunter Douglas realizes that technicians who have gone through On-Site's hands-on training course have received the experience and professional knowledge to properly care for their products.  Technicians using this cleaning method, in most situations, can clean a Luminette right where it hangs.  Typically, the technician protects the area behind the window treatment with plastic and uses a small machine to spray on a special cleaning solution which is immediately vacuumed off.  The Luminette never leaves the window and is dry in a very short time.  Though the competence and experience of individual technicians will vary, one can be assured that these individuals have been professionally trained.  Certified Technicians have access to ongoing professional development from the On-Site Corporation and maintain their status through attending the training classes as required.

*  Just because a company advertises "on site cleaning " does not mean their technicians are trained in the proper handling and cleaning techniques.  When one considers the replacement costs of a typical Luminettes, saving a few dollars by compromising on the quality of care by using a "cheaper" cleaning service could end up being a very expensive mistake!


Ultrasonic cleaning harnesses the power of sound waves and scrubbing action of exploding microscopic air bubbles they produce in the cleaning solution to gently yet thoroughly clean anything immersed in the special tank.  The Luminette is typically removed from the window, transported to the ultrasonic machine, cleaned and hung to dry and then returned to its place.

As individual ultrasonic cleaners use different machines, chemicals and techniques, Hunter Douglas recommends that you exercise due care in choosing a cleaner.  As a Luminette may be damaged through improper hanging, handling, cleaning or drying, it is wise to ask a few questions of your prospective cleaner.  Some ultrasonic cleaners have their blind cleaning machines in a shop location while others are mobile operations using specially equipped trucks or trailers, allowing them to bring the service right to your driveway.

The following information was published a few years ago by Hunter Douglas regarding the ultrasonic cleaning of Luminettes.

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Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers

“A new deep cleaning method for Luminette sheers is now available. After months of extensive testing, ultrasonic cleaning has been approved. Since all ultrasonic cleaners do not have the same equipment and/or processes, we have developed the following questions that consumers should ask the ultrasonic cleaner before contracting with them for service.

Do you have experience ultrasonically cleaning Luminette Privacy Sheers? Cleaners with experience should have the proper equipment and product knowledge. Sheers should be rolled on a tube for transport to the cleaning facility to minimize wrinkling.

Do you have a tank long enough to accommodate the length of my sheer? (Critical!) The tank should be at least as long as the height of the sheer to allow for cleaning without folding and wrinkling the vanes.

Do you pre-treat stains? Heavy stains should be gently pre-treated, taking care not to rub and abrade the fabric.

How will you dry the sheers? Immediately after cleaning, sheers should be hung vertically, with vanes in open position and loops evenly spaced and formed. Sheers should be allowed to drip dry. When dry, the sheers should be rolled on a tube for transport. Cleaners should hang and dry sheers immediately after cleaning. Under no circumstances should sheers be allowed to remain submersed or wet for an extended period of time.

How will wrinkles be removed? After cleaning and re-hanging in the home, any wrinkles should be gently steamed out.

February 2002 "Insight" Hunter Douglas Publication©

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For answers to any other questions you may have regarding the cleaning of a Luminette® please feel free to contact us.  Both methods of cleaning mentioned above, when done properly are effective, individual blind cleaners have their preferences based upon training and experience - or the particular mounting situation.  Also, as a significant number of blind cleaners either do not clean Luminettes® or may not know how to properly clean them, we provide the information here to assist you in finding experienced cleaners to service these elegant window treatments.  Don't be afraid to ask a few questions of any prospective cleaner and be very cautious of "to good to be true" prices for cleaning!  These treatments were an investment to purchase and a knowledgeable professional blind cleaner's expertise is worth using.

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